The Easter long weekend is a great time of year for many people. With two extra days off work, what’s not to love!!

But what is Easter really all about? Is it just some old religious mumbo jumbo? Is it an excuse to eat lots of chocolate? Or could it be that this ancient celebration still has meaning for us today?

At Trinity Church Pooraka, we’re convinced that Easter is all about Jesus. It’s a time when we remember that he died and yet three days later was raised to life. This sounds quite extraordinary. Why celebrate someone’s death? And how can you believe in a dead guy coming back to life?

This is what we’ll be reflecting on over the Easter long weekend. And we’d love to invite you to join us. We’ll be meeting at 10am on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the hall at Pooraka Primary School. There’s more details below. And if you’d like to get in touch feel free to contact us by email at pooraka@trinity.church


7th April
10am with heaps of hot cross buns for morning tea
At Pooraka Primary School Hall


9th April
10am with an Easter egg hunt afterwards
At Pooraka Primary School Hall