Explore is a four-week course for people exploring the Christian faith for the first time. We look at what the Bible says about Jesus, have time for questions, and also have a great time together.

Explore is free, relaxed, and assumes no prior knowledge of the Bible. You can ask as many questions as you like or sit back and take it all in – we go at your pace.

Explore runs regularly, so if you’d like to come, email explore.lockleys@trinity.church.

Cassidy’s Story

As a child, Cassidy was curious about everyone else’s beliefs, because she didn’t have any of her own. By her late teens, Cassidy was experiencing fears and insecurities, and feeling lost and lonely, not knowing what she wanted to do in life. Her best friend from primary school invited her to church, and she started to attend church and explore the Bible. Watch this video to hear Cassidy’s story.

‘I started falling in love with God when he started listening to me, and when I started to talk to him I felt his presence … the first time I felt that, I was blown away, I was brought to tears because it was so awesome and so emotional … it was something I’d never felt before, and I felt like I started to belong to God. I started to feel like I had my place in the world. I started to feel like he was starting to show me my purpose, and I wasn’t lost any more, I was found.’