Whilst our new church grows, our youth will join Trinity Church Brighton’s youth group for students in years 7-12, which meets weekly on Friday nights during the school term.

These alternate fortnightly between small local events and large combined events run by a team of people across our network.

Our local events are more low-key, and focus on bible study and building deep relationships, while our combined events are a chance to do something high-energy and meet youth from across Adelaide.

Local Events

When and where are the events? 7:15-9:15pm at the Holdfast Bay Community Centre, 51 King George Ave, Hove.

What does a typical night look like? After arriving around 7:15, there’ll be time to muck around and chat. We might occasionally do an all-in game of some sort, and then around 8pm we’ll have supper and then the rest of our evening we’ll spend doing a bible study together. We might do that as one big group or break into two smaller groups depending on how many are there on the night.

Who can come? Our local youth events are targeted at anyone in year 7-10. When youth reach year 11 they’re invited to join Trinity Church Brighton’s young adults group, but if they’d like to have one more year in youth they’re also welcome to do that. Year 6s are also welcome to attend if parents/caregivers think it’s appropriate (please chat to us). While our combined events are particularly targeted at youth who don’t necessarily have any church experience, we still work hard to make our local events accessible for anyone, whatever their background or beliefs.

Combined Events (Trinity Youth)

When and where are the events? 7-9pm at Temple Christian College, Mile End Campus.

What does a typical night look like? After arriving a bit before 7pm, there’ll be chill out time with food, games and sport to get involved with. Everyone will be asked to be seated in the main auditorium by 7:30pm where we’ll have singing, some fun up-the-front content and a 10-15 minute talk about something to do with life and Jesus. It’s all designed to be accessible to anyone who comes along. The main content wraps up around 8:30pm and there’s more time for food and hanging out. Some nights we might mix it up a bit more and run a big game with everyone getting involved.

Who can come? Anyone in years 7-12 is welcome. These events are designed to be accessible to anyone, so don’t be afraid to come along or bring a friend

How do I get to Temple Christian College? Youth are welcome to make their own way to Temple or be dropped off, but they’re also welcome to join a group of us (including leaders) that will head to Temple on the train from Oaklands Station. Youth will need to be ready to pay for the train. We catch the 6:21pm train from Oaklands (arriving at Mile End station at 6:39pm), and on the way back catch the Flinders Line train that leaves Mile End at 8:56pm, before transferring to the Seaford train that arrives back at 0aklands at 9:21pm. Look out for our leaders in the back carriage.

You can find more details about Trinity Youth at

Other Info

When are the Events?
We alternate fortnightly on Fridays between our large events and our local events. Here are the dates for 2021:

Term 1   Term 3
Feb 5 Kick off @Matt’s House Jul 23 Combined Youth @Temple
Feb 12 Combined Youth @Temple Jul 30 Local Youth @Hove
Feb 19 Local Youth @Hove Aug 6 Combined Youth @Temple
Feb 26 Combined Youth @Temple Aug 13 Local Youth @Hove
Mar 5 Local Youth @Hove Aug 20 Combined Youth @Temple
Mar 12 Combined Youth @Temple Aug 27 Local Youth @Hove
Mar 19 Local Youth @Hove Sep 3 Combined Youth @Temple
Mar 26 Combined Youth @Temple Sep 10 Local Youth @Hove
Apr 2 No Youth – Good Friday Sep 17 Combined Youth @Temple
Apr 9 Combined Youth @Temple
Term 2   Term 4
Apr 30 Combined Youth @Temple Oct 15 Combined Youth @Temple
May 7 Local Youth @Hove Oct 22 Local Youth @Hove
May 14 Combined Youth @Temple Oct 29 Combined Youth @Temple
May 21 Local Youth @Hove Nov 5 Local Youth @Hove
May 28 Combined Youth @Temple Nov 12 Combined Youth @Temple
Jun 4 Local Youth @Hove Nov 19 Local Youth @Hove
Jun 11 Combined Youth @Temple Nov 26 Combined Youth @Temple
Jun 18 Local Youth @Hove Dec 3 Local Youth @Hove
Jun 25 Combined Youth @Temple Dec 10 Combined Youth @Temple
We require you to complete our youth registration form so that we can provide the best level of care while your child is under our supervision. The information provided will be treated confidentially within our team and used in compliance with the Trinity Network Privacy Policy. Please note that registration covers our large Trinity Youth events as well as our local events.

.register Here

We charge $40 per person per term for youth group. This includes both our our large Trinity Youth events as well as our local events and works out to just under $5 a night. If youth only want to come a few times they’re welcome to pay $5 per night they attend. First timers and occasional visitors are free. We don’t take cash payments at youth group, so please make payments online using the following details:

Account Name: Friends of Trinity Trust – Woodcroft
Bank: NAB
BSB: 085 005
Account Number: 91 823 4265
Reference: Trinity Youth – (INSERT LAST NAME)

More information?
If you’ve got any questions, would like to double check details before coming along or would like more information about our youth ministry, please email